Mineral Sound

Audio & Video Production

I record music on location.

"Daniel is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and personable sound engineers I've worked with. His commitment to achieving a beautiful, raw, acoustic sound has paid off in the new album that we recorded. Thank you for the amazing prowess and professionalism that you lend to your work."

"Daniel is a delight to work with. Not only is he professional, he's creative, has a terrific ear and attention to detail, and trustworthy. He's run sound and recorded two of my full length productions, and I've made two albums from his exquisite recordings. I'd highly recommend him to anyone with recording, mixing, or live sound needs!"

"My experience working with Daniel has been nothing but professional and successful. My recording project required a location with natural reverb, and an engineer who understands how to work with it. Daniel specializes in finding the right mic placements in the room and the final result has always shown that!" 

"I've been working with Mineral Sound for over a year now, and I can only say positive things. Daniel is hard-working, professional, and has an incredible ear for sound, recording and acoustics. I'd say he could add the title of 'producer' to his list of services as well, as he is offering more value to your recordings than just high quality microphones."


When you're making a music video, your performance is the most important part of the recording. Whether it's a concert hall or a canyon, I work in spaces that inspire.

Recording a live concert requires more than just great videography; it takes the ears & experience of a dedicated sound engineer to capture your music with clarity & impact.